East West Independent Shares How To Kick Start Innovation

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Innovation is a quality that separates the great from average. It’s a tool that if used wisely can help accomplish numerous things. It’ll help create and strategize different aspects of your business or career. “Sometimes the best of us get put into a rut. We have a hard time being creative and we claim that we’re not creative. This isn’t the best way to think or go about anything. The best way is to broaden your horizon and go beyond the box,” says Scott Pickering, managing director of East West Independent. At East West Independent, we appreciate individuals that utilize the most of any creativity or innovative factor they have. There are various ways to unlock your mind and use ideas. Here are some that we’ve come up with:




Turn off any kind of external force (phone, the internet, laptop) just have a notepad and pen ready to jot down any idea that comes to your mind. “When you remove external forces, you can then tap into your own innovative mindset and come up with something,” says Scott Pickering of East West Independent.


Problem Solve


Do puzzles, crosswords and different sorts of games to jog your mind. Imagine different ways to create and communicate. To really utilize your innovative ability, try taking away something that you use a lot and see what you can do without it. This will help you create new ways to do things and new ways to think.


Talk to New Individuals


Speaking to different types of people really helps you see perspectives and understand different ways everyone does things. “Strategy such as this is helpful because you can help yourself by learning as well implementing different ideas you’ve never thought of before,” mentions Scott Pickering of East West Independent.

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