East West Independent Shares 3 Traits of Powerful Business Owners

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“Running a smooth and prosperous business requires a lot of brainpower and diligence. It’s very much dependent on the person running it along with its partners at it. Many times businesses fail due to lack of concentration, or something that happens to make it fail,” says Chris Myton, managing director of East West Independent. At East West Independent, our business partners and managing director know the value of good services and methods. They are also aware that the leader needs to be someone who carries strong attributes as well as emotional intelligence to be able to lead properly. “The success of a business is very much dependent on the person running it because they decide the overall goals,” says Chris Myton of East West Independent. For us to explain the importance of great business owners, we’ve come up with three traits that a leader should have to make their business thrive and succeed.




The truth is that you are your biggest supporter. “No one is going to motivate you the way you drive yourself. When you make a decision and want to follow it through — that’s the strongest type of motivator ever. When someone tells your do something vs. you wanting to do something. That’s the difference. It’s more powerful in the process,” says Chris Myton of East West Independent. Without the ability to have self-motivation, you won’t be able to make it far. 




A good attitude is also crucial for business owners to have. Things will go wrong all the time, but the way you handle the situation is what matters. It either makes or breaks your company and business. “Your success depends on your attitude and your ability to control it,” says Chris Myton of East West Independent.




Making sure you’re accountable without throwing blame on other people. This establishes your credibility just as much as your accountability. If you shift blame and blame others for the lack or failure in your business, that’s not the most respectable trait. You have to understand that mistakes happen and we can learn from them. That’s the best business owners — who learn and get better every day.


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