East West Independent Has Moved Office Space!

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East West Independent has relocated our office space just in time for summer! Office space changes and relocations happen for various reasons, one of the best parts about this change is that we get to start fresh and give our look a brand new taste. “From changing an office’s interior design to putting through more innovative ways of working — office space changes can be a startup that gives our entire company an aesthetic make over,” says Scott Pickering, Managing Director of East West Independent. There are various benefits to changing from the space you previously had your office at. Many people may find it stressful to do this whole move thing, but once you understand what a great opportunity this can be, it’s great that sometimes this happens.


Enhance Our Image


“Offices are a vital sign when it comes to your company. Having a type of theme in your office can give a strong vibe. Maybe you have a more modern and edgy theme, or some may have a more traditional office space. Regardless, it provides an impression to the clients and customers that come in for meetings and business deals,” says Scott Pickering of East West Independent. Outsiders that come in will be able to pick up on the feel you’re going for. The purpose of office space change can enhance your already existing image. You’ll get to spruce it up and make some changes that you see fit.


Innovative Work Spaces


Sometimes a change can open up the doors for implementing innovative ways of working. Nowadays no one has a traditional office, once you move the possibilities to get some new gadgets gets bigger. Creating open spaces, representatives will be able to feel a new energy. “It’s a chance to start putting out new and innovative tools when working,” says Scott Pickering of East West Independent.




More space, a nicer office or a better location all factors into making it easier to do tap into the workforce. Perhaps you’re near an area where graduates are, and that’s just what your company needs? Or maybe you’re near the beach, and it provides as a great motivational tool for your representatives. In any case, these are signs of growth. Changes are inevitable, but once you let yourself go through the process, growth is inevitable.

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