East West Independent is Looking Forward to the US Gala!

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Every one of us looks forward to different events from time to time. In the business industry, we look forward to the prestigious event known as the US Gala in July. “Each year the Gala presents itself and shows us the importance of diligence and hardwork. It inspires and motivates us to say that individuals can accomplish anything they set their minds to,” says Chris Myton, Managing Director of East West Independent. A lot of individuals get promoted and recognized for what they do in our field. Being able to see their success and hardwork flourish over the course of every year, proves that anyone can make it, anyone can accomplish their dreams, and anyone can be the best if they try. We will be able to look dapper in our suits and elegant in our gowns! In addition to, we’re able to see what the business world has in store for us, it is something we at East West Independent are very excited for.


East West Independent believes that embodying hard work is the best route to success. The lesson we intend to learn and believe in is that success doesn’t come by hoping for it. “To accomplish the level of success that lets you move forward, you need a large amount of faith, strength in mind and body to reach your full capability,” says Chris Myton of East West Independent. Individuals also have to maintain the right attitude and understand the bigger focus. When one is truly driven towards success, they will reach it through consistency. Last year’s contenders at the US Gala have reached their fullest potential by being promoted in various different areas. “Seeing how hard work takes these individuals to successful places, inspires others to do the same,” says Chris Myton of East West Independent.


The best part about hard work is that when people are driven towards their goals, they enjoy the pleasure of this. There’s no alternative route for success and the key is consistency trying your best. The harder you work, the better your chances for victory. It also helps you develop lifelong techniques that make the routes a bit easier. “We can’t wait to support and see who has come a long way this year at the US Gala. We know the winning individuals have relentlessly worked hard. The environment will also have some great food and exceptional company — it’s going to be an awesome event,” says Chris Myton of East West Independent.


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