East West Independent are currently expanding to fulfill client demand. As a result we are looking to create ‘experts’ who can liaise directly with a client, over see a team and run a campaign.

East West Independent believe in putting people first and so we never elect to bring in someone to handle that responsibility from the outset, instead developing people through a number of areas of business first so that they have a first-hand working knowledge of how to carry out all roles. This ensures the quality of our work doesn’t become diluted but, more importantly, offers the client a chance to work with someone who is a proven success, which in turn leads to more demand and growth.

We are seeking to teach someone all these aspects and see them take on their own client in under a 12 month period; Is that something you think you would be able to handle?

If you are ambitious, have an attitude to learn and are motivated by personal and professional development, we want to hear from you. Please send a resume and Covering Letter to outlining your experience and goals.

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