East West Independent Shares The Importance of Resilience

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Sometimes throughout your journey, you will encounter something that knocks you down. There’s certain things that are said about the way individuals fight to get back up. Resilience is something that happens over time, and it’s because of being knocked down and getting back up again that it builds you to be stronger in every aspect and situation that approaches. At East West Independent, we place an importance on resilience and we make sure that our business partners understand there’s a beauty in way you fight back to achieve your goals. “There’s something about the time in between that lets you see and struggle to overcome a challenge. It also lets you see how much you can endure, which essentially makes you stronger. Personally, I’ve noticed that the older I get, the more emphasis I place on resilience because it becomes better emotionally as we grow,” mentions Scott Pickering, Managing Director of East West Independent.


Based off certain studies, researchers have found that resilience is something that can’t be inherited, but it’s something that builds because you are constantly able to not give up when something negative happens. “It’s the way you approach a situation. For instance, an individual that doesn’t have resilience will not try to tackle an obstacle. But, an individual that does, is able to combat any issue,” says Scott Pickering of East West Independent. It’s important to have resilience in so many different situations. In our industry, we experience setbacks from time-to-time, but that does not put us back. Instead, we come back stronger and all of our representatives at East West Independent know that this is the right way to approach every situation.


The most important route to building resilience for us would be; perfecting our perspective. Once we’re able to elevate how we perceive situations, this instantly lets us have the ability to go forward with being productive and conquering an obstacle. “By doing this and practicing this tactic, we’re able to see the situation in a more insightful way and we can pinpoint what went wrong and how we can turn it around into a win,” says Scott Pickering of East West Independent. In addition to seeing situations from a perspective angle, we can see the specification of the problem for what it is, which makes it more productive to conquer, henceforth building our resilience. We believe it’s a type of mindset and one that will prove to be worthwhile to practice and build for the best.


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