East West Independent Shares 3 Ways to Bounce Back From Adversities

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“We’ve all seen and heard the news recently. It may feel like the world is ending to come and for some, it may seem impossible to move on. We’ve hit a record high in natural disasters this year from storms such as Harvey and Irma. These have brought and caused devastation to many individuals in the past few weeks. At East West Independent, we know that adversities really break individual’s down. To lose something so cherished or have it be destroyed in natural disasters is devastating. We’re here to remind and share that you will always bounce back because these things can be fixed or rebuilt. It’s just your mindset that will need help from recovering afterward,” says Chris Myton, managing director of East West Independent.

At East West Independent, our hearts with those lives that have been struck by tragedies such as this and we know that sometimes life doesn’t go as planned.

As human beings, we need the ability to curve and bend with the flow rather than go against it and cause ourselves harm. By understanding this, life will go a tad bit better than planned and you’ll be able to bounce back in a strong manner. “Our representatives at East West Independent know that it takes a lot of mental effort to deal with hardships and disappointments. Here are some ways to help you get back after facing adversities.


Positive Words


Your words mean a lot. Words hit louder than actions most times. Whatever you say to yourself, you make yourself believe. “If you say negative things, then negativity will linger on your mind and if you lean towards positivity than positivity will linger on your mind,” says Chris Myton of East West Independent. For example, this devastation that occurred with Irma recently, talk about it in a way that gives you power and light — don’t talk about it in a negative way, because that will put you down in a rut.


Support System


Talk to friends and family during hard times. Studies show that when you confide in someone with problems, stress leans off you because you don’t feel as alone in the world. “This tactic helps us cope better with problems, talking about psychological aspects of adversities, how they make you feel and act,” says Chris Myton of East West Independent.


Don’t let your problems define who you are


Last but not least, no one likes failure, but setbacks do shape us into better human beings. When life gives you rotten apples, just be vigilant about not getting life put you down.

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