East West Independence Offers Advice About Having a Professional LinkedIn Page For New Graduates

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As graduate season is fresh in the air and approaching, East West Independent wants to take this moment to personally congratulate each and every individual that has made it. Your determination and drive have brought you this far, we can only imagine how far will go in the future. Every year brings a new wave of young individuals and as each year goes by so does ways of applying and recruiting. “New graduates of this time should know that everything is digitally evolving and so is job searching. Before it was common to go into a company or workplace and ask for an application, now individuals must be savvy with computational skills and visible for companies to notice them online,” mentions Scott Pickering, Managing Director of East West Independent.


Businesses and companies want to seek individuals that they find easy to contact or know about. LinkedIn is a great tool for this as a way of means. LinkedIn is considered the largest online professional network, acquiring more than 2 new members each and every second. One of these people signing up on LinkedIn, as a new graduate or soon-to-be graduate should be you! East West Independence knows that maintaining and having a professional Linkedin profile makes it easier for company recruiters to tell what kind of experience you have and what you’re all about. There are a couple ways to polish your LinkedIn profile as a new job seeker and East West Independence has gathered few tricks to help you:


Professional headshot/photo: Did you know that Linkedin profiles with professional photos or headshots get 14 times more profile views? Adding a photo makes you 36 times more likely to receive a message from someone in search of a new representative. That new individual could be you! This is important because companies want to know the individual that applied for a job through LinkedIn has a face, it makes the potential application process more real.


List valuable experience: This is your space you include anything and everything you have done. From internships to temporary roles, don’t be shy about showing what you have learned over the past years. This area of your LinkedIn profile says a lot because it shows what you know and if you have the ability or willingness to be a fast learner for other skills.


Build a strong network: LinkedIn also helps individual build their network and connections. You can get in touch with people you want to potentially work for, or maximize your network by connecting with people in the similar field as you. It’s also a great way to see what’s going on around you and if anyone else is hiring. “This type of digital awareness creates opportunities for yourself in the long run, don’t be afraid to use this valuable tool!” mentions Scott Pickering of East West Independence.


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